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Ridgefox Academy


When the Founder of Ridgefox Academy and retired police lieutenant, Rob McGrath reached out to us for a Cadet Academy tutor app to help streamline the process of training police cadets, we got into it with an eager and open mind to help build an effective software solution.

Ridgefox Academy - Cadet Tutor, is a study guide and quiz taking mobile app that helps police cadets train effectively for their exam, and practice these exams with quizzes that track answer progress and give immediate feedback to the user.

We also built out the RidgefoxCMS, a custom content management system solution for their team, allowing them to upload questions for quizzes and videos for studying for different exams that police cadets will take.

Overall we worked side by side with Rob to build a full system for his team.

  • A CMS to manage all content in the app
  • Both an iOS and Android app that police cadets can utilize to train
  • Added RevenueCat for centralizing all subscription services and funneling all information to one platform for ease of view

This project allowed us to flex our skills in creating expansive software systems for clients specialized problems. Rob needed an app built pretty fast that would onboard test users that he had ready. But we also had to balance the build to make sure it is easy to maintain as Rob foresaw more features in the future once he onboarded more agencies.

And he was right! We are still helping Rob out to this day make slight tweaks to his app as he onboards more users.

Ridgefox Academy
Android Development
Mobile Development
UI/UX Design


We built the android app for Ridgefox Academy using Kotlin and the Jetpack Compose framework to get the most out of Modern Android Development,

We focused on building a dependable app that would be easier to maintain and update in the future.

For the networking layer we went with GraphQL, specifically Apollo, for ease of managing data models and network requests. We also worked on a subscription solution to this app utilizing RevenueCat for both IOS and Android, with native implementations handled per platform.

The RevenueCat solution allows the client to manage all platform subscriptions from one window/website.

We implemented a video player for the study guide portion of the app affording users a way to study for their exams.

Finally we worked out simple yet effective logic implementations for the quiz taking functionality with immediate UX feedback for the user.

  • Jetpack Compose
  • GraphQL
  • RevenueCat
  • Exoplayer
  • Maintenance

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