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Belong Gaming


When Belong Gaming approached us, we knew it would be a fun, fast paced project. Delivering unforgettable grassroots esports experiences to gamers since 2016, Belong Gaming was expanding into the US market and needed to hit the ground running. 

Our developers integrated directly into the existing Belong Product and Engineering team to provide the mobile expertise and development resources to help them launch their initial mobile apps.

Their team not only needed development resources, but they needed a mobile partner who could help guide them on building the best mobile centric solution for their users. Working with their product and engineering team, we quickly landed on a MVP (minimum viable product) feature set and got to work.

Belong Gaming
Mobile Development
Android Development
UI/UX Design


After launching the initial MVP apps to the existing Belong user base, we then created several follow up releases with the features their users were asking for, and eventually handed over the codebases to the Belong team to take over.

We had a great time working with the Belong team on their mobile apps. We love working with other engineering teams, especially when they end up being as exceptional as the devs over at Belong. 

Custom software cannot be built in isolation. We believe the best software is built when collaborating with our clients, giving them direct access to the code and product every step of the way. Just get ready to join our meetings and deal with our chatty team!


  • Technical Guidance
  • Design/Product Feedback
  • Android Development

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