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Everything GOLF! We got the chance to work on an embedded project on Android devices running inside a golf cart.

We got to augment the existing Android team at GPSi Industries to help convert their existing Windows app into an Android app. This was a great team to work with and we learned so much about embedded systems along with a lot of golf.

Embedded Android projects always have a few curveballs, but it was quite rewarding digging into those issues and figuring them out.

PS we got to see our software working when the NBA players during the pandemic were at Disneyworld playing tons of golf

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This was a real unique one. We joined an existing team that had the challenge of taking a Windows app built in the late 90s and converting it into an Android app.

We loved learning how this software was originally built and tried to keep the core concepts carried through to the new app. We had a custom version of Android running on the actual golf carts that really flexed our skills. We constantly grabbed the users location as they wanted to know exactly how far they are from the hole. We also could take control of the golf cart and shut it off if anyone was driving dangerously! And during some live testing this feature kicked in when our QA tester really pushed the limits.

  • Embedded Development
  • Port Windows to Android
  • Older Android Operating System
  • Custom GPS tracking for constant location updates
  • Emergency services to immediately deactivate carts

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