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Our Mantra

Our vision is to be the preferred partner/ally to both our clients and employees, empowering them to grow while guiding them every step of the way.

Our mission is to help 10,000 Small businesses, startups or enterprise clients transition their presence to mobile devices.

  • Transparency

  • Guidance

  • Empowerment

  • Education

  • Growth

Mobile developers at their desk working with purple and orange highlights

Our Story

Founded by Sam Harris in 2018, Milo Mobile is a fully-remote group of mobile solution experts committed to helping demystify tech for early career professionals and guiding mid-sized companies to the best mobile-focused solution for their needs.

Meet the team
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Meet Our Leadership Team

Sam Harris


Growth mindset obsessed and annoyingly positive Software Developer. Always pushing forward. Updates the team with the latest weather at least once a day. Babysits a pretty cool tiny dog named Otis which makes the occasional Zoom appearance between naps.

Inés Rodriguez Piola

Head of Operations | Tech Project Manager

Our local Jack of All Trades, in a previous life Ines was a software engineer with over 10 years of experience in mobile development. But not only does she know how to dive into code, she has strong UX skills, and has transitioned into a full time Project Manager role. Always on time to meetings, shaming the rest of us along the way.

Zakarie Ortiz

Lead Mobile Developer

Whizkid Mobile Developer originally from NYC. Slightly obsessed with both Godzilla and Jurassic Park, a lot to unpack there one day. Zak is our go-to tech expert always up to date with the latest software trends and pushing the tech boundaries. Currently the most active slack emoji user on the team.

Darran Kelinske

Head of Technology

The local know it all that we all love. A computer is just an extension of his brain. The man we all go to when our code isn't building and he usually has an answer right away.

Matt Rea

Android Lead

We haven't found anyone who knows as much about Android as Matt. Whether it is a straightforward Android app or a Kotlin Multiplatform project, Matt will know the latest and greatest techniques.

Catherine Franklin

Chief Product Officer

Our in house product pro, she handles challenging product problems with ease. From working with Fortune500 companies to helping startups find their first user, she has seen it all. ChatGPT is her best friend, and we are worried she isn't interested in talking to humans anymore.

Harris Rosenberg

Head of Partnerships

With Paris Baguette in hand, Harris approaches every day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. He's always ready to make connections and help organizations break into mobile. Feel free to also ask him about why Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a masterpiece!

Ismael Hernandez

Marketing Intern

A former banker and about to graduate college, Ismael is ready to hit the ground running. You'll find Ismael out at events ready to help any business learn more about the mobile world!

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