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halfHelen Organization


When the amazing Chelsea Elliot, CEO and founder of the non-profit Half Helen Organization, approached us to help her streamline their operations with mobile software, we jumped at the chance. 

Our team helped the halfHelen organization build swiftScreen, a mobile centric software suite that lets their team screen children for eye, ear, and scoliosis health using the latest medical technology.

Chelsea and her team leverage an advanced camera called the Spot Vision Screener by WelchAllyn to screen school children for potential vision issues. The Spot camera is able to identify six of the most common vision impairments in infants as young as six months old by taking 23 measurements of the eye within seconds. 

All said and done, we worked hand in hand with Chelsea to build a full circle solution for her team. 

  • A website to import students and view results, 
  • Both an iOS and Android app that screeners use on site to collect results
  • A direct integration to their SPOT cameras from the mobile apps to automatically collect all vital screening data

This is one of the projects we are most proud of, not just because we got to build something for a great team, but because we were able to leverage the latest and greatest offerings in custom software development to make sure we were building the right product for her team!

halfHelen Organization
Mobile Development
Swift Coding
UI/UX Design


We chose to build the mobile apps in Google’s Flutter framework to minimize the amount of code needed to get off the ground. We then leveraged a backend end as a service solution (BAAS) with Firebase, to provide low cost data storage and compute power without a lot of customization or setup. We worked with the Welch Allyn team to learn how to best integrate with the custom SPOT cameras, and make sure all SPOT camera results were automatically collected into our system without requiring any manual data entry from the halfHelen screeners.

Each client needs a different solution. There is no one size fits all solution right now in the mobile world, and our team has the experience and knowledge to help our clients find the right tools for them. When approached by a non profit that needed a full software suite that integrates with custom hardware, we knew we had to get creative. By leveraging some existing solutions created and used internally by the biggest tech companies out there, we were able to help create exactly what halfHelen needed.

To this day half Helen has screened over 60,000 children across Texas and Hawaii. They are looking to expand swiftScreen nationwide and we are ready to help them keep on growing!


  • Mobile App Development (iOS and Android)
  • Web Development
  • Backend Development
  • Product Discovery
  • UX/UI Designs

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