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Censo Inc


You couldn’t ask for a better kickoff to the Censo app. The Censo team invited us to a secret meeting at an Airbnb in Reykjavík Iceland. The tech team laid out how they were going to take some of the most sensitive data in the Crypto world and break it into small encrypted parts for safe keeping.

They would need to lean heavily on mobile phones and asked us if we could do the Android implementation. We not only kicked off the Android app right then and there, but we started training their excellent Kotlin backend developers on Android. We wanted the whole team involved and they were more than ready to take on the challenge.

In just a few short months we had a Beta product that we were proud of. We love working with great teams and empowering them to continue after we leave the project.

Censo Inc
Android Development
UI/UX Design


Though to the user the app seemed like a seamless experience, quite a lot was happening under the hood.

We got to learn from the Censo team how to securely encrypt and split up data between mobile devices, their backend, and the users cloud storage.

We got to teach the Censo devs how to work in Android and set them up for continued success!

Can't say enough great things about the software suite we got to contribute to on this project.

  • Android Development
  • Android Training
  • Lottie Animations
  • Android Keystore Encryption
  • 3d Biometric Facescans via Facetec
  • Google Drive

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