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United Airlines


When a company like United Airlines asks you to join the complete overhaul of their existing mobile apps, you get to work!

Our team joined the larger United Airlines team to help overhaul their Android mobile app. We worked directly with United employees and helped them completely rebuild an app with millions of users!

United deals with mobile revenue in the billions, and they put a lot of effort and thought into their mobile software. Working on a team with over 150 contributors, we slotted in and provided the necessary Android expertise on the project. We can’t tell you too much of what happens under the hood but let’s just say they are doing some innovative work!

United Airlines
Android Development


In the middle of helping the United team overhaul their existing app, we quickly pivoted to providing necessary features as the Covid19 pandemic started. Being on a project in the airline industry during the onset of the Covid19 pandemic meant we had to shift and shift fast. We worked immediately on new features to help United customers respond to the everchanging travel restrictions. We worked with their team to roll out features such as getting a customer their money back ASAP, helping a business traveler change their travel plans over a year out, or schedule priority travel for essential workers.

We loved working with the great United team, and are grateful for the experience. The overhauled mobile apps ended up winning the People’s Voice Winner at the 2019 Webby awards. And while it was fun working on a huge award winning app, the real challenge was helping their team respond to the Covid19 pandemic as best we could. We go into every project knowing requirements can change from day to day, and really got to experience that at United. 


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