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When we see software developers on TV, they are usually young wünderkids able type at a thousand words a minute, coding for hours on end deep into the night. While that is rarely the case in the real world, Bryce Jurrs is as close to it as we have ever seen.

The founder of several companies before turning 18, Bryce founded The Odyssey Project and RoyCommerce, which is an ENTIRE Payment Network. We are talking, taking orders, billing, payroll, subscriptions, banking and more!

Bryce came to us needing a flexible mobile solution to help vendors complete orders directly from their mobile devices. But the solution not only needed to work on your standard mobile phones and tables, but also on a wide array of Point of Sale custom hardware devices used by all sorts of businesses.

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We got to work directly with Bryce and design and build a great mobile solution for his company. While most of our clients will test out the product constantly as we build it, Bryce wanted to hop in and help us build it! We loved working with him, keeping a very tight communication feedback loop, helping really find the exact product he needed.

When he came to us, he wasn’t sure how we would build a product that covered all his needs, or if it was even possible, but he was ready to get going. 

This was a great case of really finding the solution on the go. We worked with the ROYCommerce software suite, custom hardware devices, different payment providers, and more to find the best solution for RoyPOS. This was an amazing learning experience for our team as we had to quickly ramp up and become experts on all sorts of new systems. 

To this day we still get the chance to meet with Bryce and talk tech. While he still runs The Odyssey Project and its full suite of RoyCommerce products, he is also helping Visa break into the crypto world! We are forever grateful we had the chance to work with such a rising star, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Bryce.


  • Mobile App Development (iOS and Android)


At Milo Mobile, we pride ourselves on creating custom mobile-focused solutions that fuel our partners’ growth. Check out the results of projects we’ve worked on below.
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