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We are versatile

What is Flutter? Flutter is a hybrid framework from Google that builds both an iOS and Android app from a single codebase. And now you can even build both an app and websitre from a single codebase. Flutter is just that flexible. We loved Flutter early on and really believe in it going forward as one of the best ways to build an app

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You Have Options

Whether you need to preserve budget, you want to streamline development and maintenance, or you simply want to focus on building your business first, you can achieve impressive results with a single codebase, multi-platform app. We can move to native later if your needs ever change. 

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Looks Good, Feels Good

Milo Mobile leverages Flutter app development to build Android and iOS apps that look amazing, work well and impress. You can get your app into the hands of your users on the devices they prefer faster — without consuming all of your budget and resources. It really is an amazing tool, feel free to schedule a call with one of our Flutter experts so we can break it all down for you!

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Tools Matter

We use the Flutter hybrid app framework because we find it to be more stable and have a better developer experience with fewer bugs than the other competitors. It uses the same code base for both platforms, making it easier (and cheaper) for development, testing and ongoing maintenance. Google is really investing a lot into the framework, even building their internal apps with it!

Our Process

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Product Backlog

Over the course of several meetings, the Milo Mobile team meets with the client to discuss their needs. Based on those meetings, we create a product backlog of tasks we need to complete.

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Sprint Planning

Once the product backlog is finalized, we select which tasks we will complete in the upcoming sprint. During the first sprint, we like to tackle the most important needs for the client to build a solid foundation for the finished product.

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At the end of each sprint, we give the client access to whatever deliverable we created for review. Usually, the deliverable will be in the form of a demo. We use this stage of each sprint to capture client feedback and modify the product backlog if necessary.

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Once the review process is complete, we revisit the product backlog to plan the next sprint in this iterative process.

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We are flexible and happy to provide customized support.

Pick and choose any or all steps where we can add value.

Let’s start a project together.

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