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How We Work and Why We Choose Agile

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Milo Mobile helps mid-size companies and mobile developers of all skill levels navigate the tech “Sea of Knowledge” through mentorship, education, and custom mobile-focused solutions.

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Hello there! 🙋🏼‍♀️

I’m Ines, I’m a Project Manager here at Milo Mobile, and our official (and very proud to be) “Agile Methodologies Geek”.

Even though agile methodologies can be applied to any industry, it is mostly popular among Software Development. So unless you work in technology, you are probably wondering “what is this person talking about?“ 🤔

So let’s get to the point: What is Agile?

Agile methodology or “Agile” is a set of principles, practices, and values for managing software development projects. In other words, it is the process we follow in order to work on a project.

It’s an iterative and incremental approach. This means that instead of betting everything on one single “big bang” delivery towards the end of the project (which can lead to serious miscommunications - PLEASE DON’T DO THIS 🙏), our work is delivered in small increments at the end of each iteration.

Each small iteration is called a Sprint. A sprint is a short, time-boxed period (between 1 to 4 weeks) when a team works to complete a set amount of work.

And at the end of the Sprint, clients receive a deliverable which they can test and provide feedback about.

It’s a pretty effective way to quickly catch any bugs and encourage communication with the client. In general our development sprints last 2 weeks, so every 2 weeks clients receive a deliverable to test and stay up to date with the overall progress of the project.

In order to track our Sprints and keep our work organized, we use Jira.


Yes! Jira! ❤️

Sometimes feared by developers, Jira is every Project Manager’s best friend and ally to lead projects to success.

It is the tool we use to keep track of the work being done during a project:

It is where we write down the requirements, the estimates for each task, priorities, effort, and testing results. This tool also generates different kinds of reports to manage a project properly, catching inconveniences or blockers on time, and helping the team pivot and take action when needed.

These reports also help us explain to the client what features we are currently working on, what will be worked on next, and what difficulties we may encounter. This way we can keep clients up to date and involved during the entire process. Transparency is one of our core values!

What made us choose agile over other methodologies?

The goal was to find a methodology that would fit our values. Agile methodologies promote companionship, quick feedback, transparency, efficient results and customer satisfaction in terms of time and costs.

Due to Agile’s iterative and incremental nature, it seemed like a great fit. And it has helped us achieve outstanding results.

At Milo Mobile our priority is our client, and we know that for clients software development projects can be overwhelming.

But fear not! Our team of experts will be there every step of the way with you, from initial concept to final implementation. And we are confident that following agile methodologies we’ll be able to deliver the results you need in an efficient way.

Looking forward to hearing about your business needs and working with you!

Inés Rodriguez Piola

Project Manager at Milo Mobile

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How We Work and Why We Choose Agile

How We Work and Why We Choose Agile

How We Work and Why We Choose Agile

How We Work and Why We Choose Agile

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