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Strike Protocols


Our first foray into the crypto and web3 world, and we couldn’t ask for a better team to work with. The Strike Protocols team is full of elite developers working on the bleeding edge tech in the crypto world.

Our Android developers integrated directly with their development team to provide a secure platform for users to exchange crypto assets. The mobile apps leveraged biometry and device encryption to add security to the Strike Securities platform. Users could only complete actions within the app if their mobile device could confirm their biometric identity. Pushing the limits of mobile encryption we devised an inter platform ECIES implementation that allowed users across iOS, Android, and the web to verify their identity.

We knew the web3 world moved fast, but we experienced it first hand. We helped built features and features of work for the Strike team to get immediate feedback from their existing user base.

This one pushed us to the edge tech wise and that is why we loved it. We are ready to get into more crypto and web3 because this was just a bit too much fun for our devs.

Strike Protocols
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Working with bleeding edge tech means lots of exploring. Our devs really had to put their heads down and figure out some new solutions to make this product work.

We got to implement ECIES across iOS, Android, and the web. We used Shamirs Shared secret to shard data to more securely store it. Our app used the local Android Keystore to securely hold onto data tied to the current users biometry. If a users biometry changed, we had to invalidate their access to data!

Lots of fun exploring the web3 and crypto mobile world on this one. We even got a shot to continue working with this existing team on their next venture!

  • Android Keystore
  • Mobile Biometry
  • Strongbox
  • ECIES working across iOS, Android, and Web
  • Google Drive Storage
  • Push Notifications


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